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Marimo Festival - Hokkaido

A divine traditional ritual of the Ainu.

The biggest attraction of the festival is the marimo wo mukaeru gishiki ceremony to receive the marimo on the second day.
Ainu men ride a canoe into Lake Akanko to receive the marimo algae.
The marimo are handed to an Ainu elder, which is followed by a taimatsu pine torch parade. Led by an elder, more than 100 Ainu from across Hokkaido take part in a 20-minute procession to Ainu Kotan.
Upon arrival at Ainu Kotan, a marimo wo mamoru ceremony to protect the marimo is held, and an ancient Ainu dance passed down from across Hokkaido is performed.
On the final day, the marimo are returned to the lake in a ceremony conducted by elders.

Event Dates October 8 to 10 (fixed dates every year)
Event Details This year the event will be held in a reduced capacity.
Address Akankoonsen City, Akan-cho, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido
Price Free admission
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Region Hokkaido Tohoku
Category Processions and parades, Traditional performing arts

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: Sep.6.2021

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