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  • Exhibition and sale
  • Local specialties (food and beverages)
Date and Time Oct.1.2021 - Oct.31.2021
Place official Fukui regional specialty shop、Food Mart Fukui


  • Exhibition and sale
  • Exhibition
  • Traditional crafts
Date and Time Oct.26.2021 - Nov.1.2021
Place Nara Mahoroba-kan

Traditional craftwork, with each individual piece carefully hand-crafted by an artisan. These craftworks have been preserved and passed down through everyday life. Traditional craftwork that takes advantage of the characteristics of the region have a warmth and profoundness to them, but some may leave the impression that they are something special.
In this exhibition, we introduce tea whisks, brushes and ink sticks from among Nara’s traditional craftworks.
Use these items to write a letter to a precious person you can’t usually meet, or make matcha tea and have a relaxing tea time.
Why not bring these practices into your daily life?


  • Performance
  • Local specialties (food and beverages)
  • Tourism PR
Event Name Suginami festa
Date and Time Nov.6.2021 - Nov.7.2021
Place Momoi field park

At the Suginami Festa this year, we will hold the “Delicious Foods from Sister Municipalities & Local Areas Fair,” where you can enjoy foods rich in local flavor, including special products of sister municipalities of Suginami Ward. The Hibiya Shimane-kan is scheduled to hold demonstrations of making Akaten Yakisoba (fried noodles with spicy fish paste) using soft spaghetti. Please enjoy the harmony of the soft noodles and the spicy fish paste!
(*Please check the website in advance for details such as whether or not the event can be held.)

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