local specialty shop

A shop in Tokyo set up by a regional municipality for the purpose of selling special products and promoting tourism.

Omotesando Niigatakan N’ESPACE - Niigata

*Will close on December 25, 2023. The shop will move to Ginza and open around the end of May 2024.
Omotesando-Niigatakan N’ESPACE is a Niigata local specialty shop in the Omotesando area of Tokyo.
The sasa dango with a hearty mugwort-falvored dough filled with bean paste is recommended.

Website https://www.nico.or.jp/nespace/index-en.php
Address 4-11-7 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours 10:30-19:30, Always open (Product sales)
*Varies depending on the establishment.
The closest Station Omotesando Station
Shop Features Includes tourist information center Includes dining-in option Take out available Can do deliveries Has an online shop
Online shop https://www.shopshokurakuen.com/
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Region Chubu
Address area Shibuya and Omotesando areas

The details may be changed. Please ask each shop.

update: Nov.15.2023

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