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Niu Festival (Laughter Festival) - Wakayama

It is said that the festival originates from villagers who worried about Niu Hime no Mikoto when she overslept a gathering of gods at Izumo Shrine and tried to comfort her by telling her to laugh.
It is a peculiar festival where the white painted Laughing Okina parades around shaking bells and chanting, “Laugh, laugh.”
(Designed an intangible folk performing art by the prefecture.)

Event Dates Sunday in early October (the day before the second Monday)
Event Details See the following website.
Official site http://hidakagawa-kanko.jp/miru/nyuujinnja.html
Location (venue) Nui-jinja Shrine
Address Ekawa, Hidakagawa-cho, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama
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Region Kinki
Category Traditional performing arts

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: Aug.21.2023

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