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Kiryu Yagibushi Festival - Gumma

The Kiryu Yagibushi Festival is a festival that centers on folk entertainment known as Yagibushi and the historical Kiryu Gion Festival.
Turrets are set up in locations around the city, and a series of dance circles spreads out, enveloping the entire town in enthusiasm and excitement. It is fine to watch but it is also fine to join in the dancing. Once you experience this festival you’ll be sure to become a fan of Yagibushi. A large number of events are also held, including Dance Yagibushi, an original dance performed to a song containing the Yagibushi melody, and a national Yagibushi song contest, where Yagibushi dance circle “leaders” compete to be No. 1 in Japan. At the Kiryu Gion Festival you will come face to face with Japan’s traditions, including a portable shrine procession in which portable shrines are paraded cheerfully.

Event Dates Every year for the three days of Friday to Sunday in the first week of August.
Event Details This year the festival will only be partially held due to the impact of the novel coronavirus disease.
*For details, please see the official website.
Official site http://www.city.kiryu.lg.jp.e.wt.hp.transer.com/kankou/event/1001879.html
Location (venue) Locations throughout the city such as Honcho-dori Street, Suehiro-dori Street, and Nishiki-cho-dori Street.
Address Kiryu-shi, Gunma
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Region Kanto
Category Dance, Traditional performing arts, 踊り

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: May.27.2021

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