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Nanokado Hadaka-mairi - Fukushima

A festival that has been handed down for well over 1,000 years. At two o’clock in the morning (currently it takes place at 20:30) on January 7, at the sound of a reverberating bell inside the temple grounds, men wearing only loincloths head for Kikkodo Hall, the main hall at Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji Temple. There, they cleanse their bodies using washbasins, and then compete vigorously to scramble up to the large temple wooden gong, a practice that is said to bring sound health, fulfil prayers and invite good fortune for a year. Following that, they gather up arrows (into which have been inserted paper talismans, called “Go-o-hoin” that bring luck and ward off calamities) that have been scattered outside the hall, a practice that is said to bring happiness.

Event Dates Early January every year (tentative)
Event Details The information below is referenced from 2020.
January 7 each year

Location (venue) Fukuman Kokuzo bosatsu Enzoji Temple
Address Jikemachiko 176, Yanaizu, Yanaizu-machi, Kawanuma-gun, Fukushima
Price Free admission
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Region Hokkaido Tohoku
Category Shrines and temples, Traditional performing arts

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update: Oct.30.2019

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