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Taimatsu Akashi - Fukushima

Counted as one of the three major fire festivals in Japan, Taimatsu Akashi is a seasonal tradition in the fall in Sukagawa that boasts a history of over 420 years. It is said to have been started in order to console the spirits of the many soldiers who lost their lives in a battle in which an army led by Masamune Date captured Sukagawa Castle. Around 30 wooden torches are erected on Mt. Gorozan and set on fire, including a huge wooden torch called the Ohtaimatsu that weighs three tons and is 10 meters long. The spectacle of the wooden torches blazing against the backdrop of a Taimatsu-Daiko drum performance is quite simply like a Warring States scroll that has come to life.

Event Dates Mid-November every year (tentative)
Event Details 18:30-20:30
Official site http://www.city.sukagawa.fukushima.jp/taimatsu/
Location (venue) Mt. Gorozan in Midoigaoka Park
Address Atagoyama, Sukagawa-shi, Fukushima
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Region Hokkaido Tohoku
Category Bravery

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: Aug.21.2018

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