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The Awa Dance (Awa Odori) in Tokushima City - Tokushima

Tokushima’s world-renown summer festival with a history of over 400 years.
During the festival, the hayashi musical accompaniment to the Awa Odori dance echoes through the streets where both the body and mind of dancers and onlookers alike bounces to the lively rhythm.

Event Dates Every year from August 12 to 15
Event Details Please check each festival on the official website to confirm if it will take place this year or not.
Official site https://www.city.tokushima.tokushima.jp/kankou/awaodori/index.html
Location (venue) Throughout the city of Tokushima
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Region Shikoku
Category Processions and parades, Dance

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: May.24.2023

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