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Furukawa Festival - Gifu

The Furukawa Festival is the annual festival of Keta Wakamiya Shrine, which dates back to over 300 years, with its allure of dynamism and stillness. A dynamic taiko drum performance on the evening of the 19th is performed by men in nothing more than loincloths who haul a giant drum mounted on a tower through the streets. The deep sounds of the drumbeats echo through the Furukawa district of Hida. The “still” procession of yatai floats consists of nine ornately decorated floats created by Hida craftsmen that are drawn quietly through the streets. At the yatai float festival on the night of the 20th, the floats are decorated with paper lanterns that give them a different appearance than from the day.
It was registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in December 2016.

Event Dates April 19 and 20 every year
Event Details The festival will be implemented on a smaller scale in 2023
*Please see the official website for details.
Official site http://www.hida-kankou.jp/kanko/foreign/en/things-to-do/festivals/
Location (venue) Furukawa-cho, Hida City
Address 15-18 Ichino-machi, Furukawa-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu
Price Free admission
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Region Chubu
Category Shrines and temples, Processions and parades

Event organizers may change the date and time. Please check the official website.

update: Feb.21.2024

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