local specialty shop

A shop in Tokyo set up by a regional municipality for the purpose of selling special products and promoting tourism.

official Kyoto regional specialty shop - Kyoto

This is the official Kyoto regional specialty shop in Metropolitan Tokyo.

The recommendedEbisugawa Goshikimame in this shop is the Bean pastry with a rich history that is believed to bring good luck.

Website http://www.kyoto-magonote.jp/en/
Address Yanmar Tokyo Bld. 1F
2-1-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours 10:30-19:00
Regular closing days:12/30-1/3
Last Wednesday in March and September
The closest Station Tokyo Station (JR)Kyobashi Station, Nihombashi Station (subway)
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Region Kinki
Address area Tokyo Marunouchi and Nihonbashi areas

The details may be changed. Please ask each shop.

update: Mar.6.2017

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